Online and Face to Face Mindfulness Courses

– calm your mind, connect with others & take pleasure from daily life –

All of our corporate Mindfulness sessions and courses are available online.

Learn Mindfulness

We – Caroline, Roz & Emma – offer a range of courses for the general public across the Midlands, which are open to people from all walks of life, regardless of Mindfulness experience. For all of our current courses as well as one day retreats for the general public, click here.

Become a Mindful Workplace

Improve staff well-being, enhance creative thinking & reduce absenteeism with our Workplace Mindfulness courses. We work with both the public & private sector; to find out more about our taster sessions & longer, bespoke courses, click here.

News, Blog & App

Wondering what Mindfulness really is? Are you ready to calm your mind & improve your well-being? To download our free app, read our blog and discover our top picks of books & websites which will help you learn more about Mindfulness, click here.

Experience the many benefits Mindfulness can offer


Worry less & feel less stressed


Improve your sleep


Improve focus & creativity


Manage your emotions


Have a calmer, more present mind


Feel less emotionally reactive


Improve relationships


Manage physical & health conditions


Improve your overall sense of wellbeing

People who practice Mindfulness may find they are able to worry less & feel less stressed, improve their sleep patterns, manage their emotions successfully,  improve their relationships & have a calmer, more present mind.

Lovely and insightful. Made me realise that being in the present moment allows me to discover the happiness I’ve always aimed for. We can be our own worst enemies so be kind to ourselves and others. Really enjoyed the course and everything it has offered. Thank you.

I can now manage the pain mindfully and I feel so much better and able to enjoy life again – best course I’ve been to and would recommend to anyone.

My sleep has improved and I feel much calmer and happier even when my life is challenging – thank you for introducing me to Mindfulness.

Helps you realise the benefits of taking time to slow down and relax. I don’t feel so stressed anymore and I worry less.

Meet your Present Mind teachers

Caroline Raven

Caroline is a qualified Mindfulness teacher, as well as a Breathworks Workplace Associate. She has been practising Mindfulness meditation for over 25 years and is passionate about sharing its many benefits with others. She is particularly interested in how Mindfulness can fit into our everyday, busy lives in order to create a greater sense of calm, compassion and contentment.

Emma Wardropper

Emma is a fully qualified Mindfulness Teacher and Psychotherapist.  She has been practising Mindfulness meditation for over 6 years and teaches Mindfulness courses to corporate teams, public sector teams, the general public and charity organisations. She also treats clients on a 1:1 basis for a variety of physical and emotional difficulties.

Roz Kings

Roz is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant and Mindfulness Teacher. She has a strong interest in exploring how Mindfulness can help alleviate both physical and emotional suffering for people and she feels privileged to be able to use her ongoing Mindfulness practice and experiences to help support people in this way.