Do you have routine things you have to do that you really don’t want to and that take up precious time?

Every day I spend 15 to 20 minutes outside my garden supervising my cats (they are house cats scared to go out on their own!)

I recently used to see this time as an inconvenience, although knowing I needed to do it to give them some fresh air and the chance to eat grass. I felt it was just one of those extra things to do in my busy day.

I decided to change my approach to this. I began to start to do other things at the same time –  read emails and reply, check social media, make phone calls. This was okay and made going out and standing out in the cold less of a burden. However I still felt a bit stressed about doing it.

I then considered changing my perspective even more and thought, why not try to just be mindful exactly like my cats are? Just being in the garden – listening to sounds, looking at what I could see, noticing the cold against my skin, noticing the smell of fresh air.

This felt a lot more pleasurable than resisting doing it. It gave me some informal mindfulness practice, time to just *be* a few minutes each day and overall I found it much more relaxing and less of a burden. I actually now look forward to it!

Maybe you can consider some routine activities you have to do that you find somewhat burdensome. Maybe see if you’re able to just be in the moment during them and seek out the pleasant.


Emma x