It’s often said that the hardest part about practising Mindfulness is remembering to do so.
We are so habitually caught up in our busy, thinking, doing world that we forget to bring our awareness into the present moment.
We can feel exhausted before our day has even started as we engage in the numerous, often unhelpful thoughts, putting pressures on ourselves and winding ourselves up.
See if you can introduce an intention or trigger that will help you to take short breaks away from the internal chattering and wake up to what is real.
For example, you might like to consider setting an intention to wake up each time you go for a walk, whether that be walking to the toilet, up and down the stairs, to and from meetings at work or out with your dog – feeling the movement of the body, feet contacting the floor, legs lifting and bending at the knee, arms moving, body breathing etc. Notice what you can see, hear and even smell too.  And when the mind wanders back off into thought, as it will, congratulate yourself for noticing and gently guide your awareness back again to connect with your senses.
Warmest wishes,