HI Everyone,

Life can be so busy that we can find it really hard to sit on our own in a quiet room for ten minutes (or more) each day to practice formal Mindfulness.
This can then become a source of stress or regret and it doesn’t have to be this way.
There are also numerous other opportunities to practice Mindfulness informally during our day and this doesn’t always require any extra time.
You might like to try some of the following mini pauses and Mindfulness practices today:
  • Practice whilst walking – instead of engaging in thoughts about the past or future that may well be winding you up, can you tune into the sensation of the body moving, even whilst rushing!
  • Taste the first few mouthfuls of food each time you eat – this might mean that you decide to put down all other distractions and focus entirely on the look, smell and taste of the food, bringing a sense of pleasure into your life which will help to calm the busy mind.
  • Notice the body breathing just for one minute – tuning into the breath and away from the chattering mind just for a moment can help calm you and also help you to identify if the body is tense so that you can soften it.
  • Listen to sounds just for a few moments.  Wherever you are, there will be sounds that you could tune into and use as an anchor to be aware of the present moment.
Warm wishes,