This has been one of the most useful pieces of advice I’ve ever been given! In a book I read this was offered as a helpful tip to manage physical and emotional pain. The chapter was all about pacing and how, as humans, we tend to go through boom and bust cycles regularly. I know I do this often! My main culprit area is cleaning.
When I’m feeling good “boom” I do a mammoth house clean – full of energy- cleaning every last millimetre of dust! I then “bust” and collapse with exhaustion and sometimes can’t do anything hardly for the rest of the day or even the following day!

Here are some helpful strategies I’ve found to take a rest before I need one;

* Do a 10 minute formal mindfulness practice.

* Sit and have a cuppa – but really taste it, feel the warmth of the cup, look at the colour, notice the smell and do nothing else whilst drinking it!

* Go for a walk in nature.

* Do a 3 step breathing space – maybe take yourself somewhere quiet – even in the toilet if you can’t find anywhere!

* Do something creative – colouring, sewing, cooking, gardening, playing music – even just for 10 mins with full attention and focus.

* Breathe! You’re doing this all day and all night anyway so why not spend a few moments really being with the breath.

Emma x