Hi Everyone,

In my experience, acceptance is one of the most helpful attitudes to bring to mindfulness practice.

We all experience physical and emotional pain in our lives – it’s just part of being human – but so often we fight against or try to ignore the pain and instead fuel it by engaging in and believing a whole script of unhelpful thoughts about wanting life to be different somehow.


This resistence only results in us suffering even more.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is not.

So, next time you’re faced with an emotional or physical challenge in life, rather than fighting against your present moment reality and fuelling it with judgements, see if you can gently acknowledge and accept your experience as it is in the moment.  

One way to do this is to courageously and with curiosity turn toward the sensations in the body of discomfort and focus on the breath. Gently allow each out-breathe to soften and relax the tension around the discomfort. Say to yourself “It’s ok, this is how I’m feeling right now” and label the emotions or sensations in the body. Be kind to yourself too!

Warm wishes,