Hi everyone,

I love this quote and find it to be so true.

It’s almost like the positive, pleasant experiences and thoughts just slide off us (like teflon) and go by unnoticed, whilst the unpleasant, negative experiences and thoughts stick to us (like velcro) and receive so much of our attention.  Given that a huge amount of our thoughts, which are often untrue, are also unpleasant and unhelpful, that’s an awful lot of time spent paying attention to them! This feeds a mood of doubt, feeling fed up, maybe anxious, afraid and exhausted.

Mindfulness practice is a great way to become more aware of the pleasant events around us.

See if you can spend some time each day slowing down, focussing your attention on pleasant experiences in your environment and also pleasant thoughts that arise – there is always something pleasant in your environment and paying attention to some of them will help to lift your mood and make you smile 😄.

Warm wishes,