Hi Everyone,

I love this quote by Tara Brach.

“If I move half as fast, I notice twice as much” Tara Brach

Many people feel frustrated that their good intentions of pausing and practising formal mindfulness just doesn’t seem to happen because life tends to get in the way.
Remember, go easy on yourself and see if you can start to practice mindfulness informally at any time during the day.

You could set a trigger to practice mindful walking informally. So, each time you get up off your seat and walk somewhere, see if you can be aware of walking. Feel your body moving, feet contacting the floor, notice your speed of walking and perhaps slow down if you have a sense of rushing. Notice your breath, sounds, what you can see. In other words, wake up to your senses and know that you are walking. This will also allow you to notice when your mind wanders back off into thinking and this is your opportunity to gently return your awareness back to the moving body again with all it’s available senses.


Warm wishes,