Hi Everyone,
Thoughts naturally arrive in the mind, just like our body naturally breathes.
So, thoughts are just a natural state of being human and are not a problem.
Our relationship with our thoughts however can become a problem, when we start thinking and entertaining the thoughts.
Mindfulness practice helps us to observe the thoughts arriving and passing by and we can learn to be discerning about which thoughts we choose to entertain (start thinking) and get hooked into.
Those unhelpful thoughts can simply be observed and allowed to pass by like clouds in the sky.
Use the breath or sounds, or taste or sensations in the body to support your awareness back to the reality of your present moment and away from the vitual reality of the past or the future.

Why am I smiling? Because I am observing my 
stressful thoughts rolling by like clouds in my
mind and I don’t believe
in them anymore. 

I am in peace. 
Warm wishes,