Hi Everyone,

It’s often said that being mindful is easy; the hardest part is remembering to practice.

You might like to use a range of triggers to remind you to practise, such as setting a timer on your phone or computer to remind you to notice the body breathing or feel sensations in the body; use post-it notes or brightly coloured ribbon to remind you to wake up whilst brushing your teeth or eating a meal or carrying out any other tasks during the day.

Simply setting an intention in your own mind, reflecting on why you wish to practice mindfulness can be helpful, especially for developing a habit to practice formally each day.

The message below in the picture might help to motivate you to practice.  

We can begin to recognise the difference between; being lost in thought (thinking) and potentially winding ourselves up; with being the non-judgemental, kind, observer of thoughts and leaving them alone.   Allow your mind to settle in the present moment by feeling the body breathing, hearing sounds, tasting food, feeling bodily sensations.   

Warm regards,