Battling with the bees, rapidly swarming around in my aching head.

Lashing out at them, they sting me as they take control.

So relentless is the pain – I feel helpless at their mercy of each sting.

Lost in the fantasy world of regret, wanting, resisting and struggle.

Each attack consumes me and carries me further away.

Body sore, heavy and bruised – I drag it into the fresh air.

Pausing as the magnificent tree greets me, inviting me to climb.

Holding me unconditionally, so strong, steady and balanced.

Allowing, soothing and accepting me just as I am – I abandon the fight.

Body resting and still, it softens, breathes and sighs.

So peaceful with just the faint song of birds and the vast, open sky.

A bumble bee casually drifts by – I delight in the simplicity of life.

Roz Kings