We are living through a time in human history where familiar routines and rhythms have been disrupted. A dizzying flow of news from around the globe, and extended periods of waiting for change, have left many of us feeling unsettled and disorientated. The danger is that we become like dry leaves, tossed and blown about in all directions in response to the winds of circumstances beyond our control.

A calmer alternative is to be deeply rooted and stationary, even in the fiercest of storms. By learning techniques to ground and root ourselves we can withstand the stresses of life with more ease, grace and stability. Even though our thoughts and worries at times whirl around the branches of our minds, we can train the essence of ourselves – our trunk and roots – to remain strong.

One such technique is called The Grounding Breath. Psychotherapist and author Ashley Davis Bush was taught this tip to stay strong in the face of her clients’ traumas, sorrows and struggles. But it can be used by any of us as a handy tool for daily self-care. It involves the power of our imagination 🙂

Why not try it now for yourself? It only takes a couple of minutes…

  • Stand strong or sit tall, with the soles of the feet on the floor.
  • Imagine breathing ‘through the soles of your feet’, inhaling from the ground into your body.
  • Feel warm, vibrant energy sourcing up from the centre of the Earth and coming up through your body.
  • Notice the breath coming up into your legs, into your torso, rising up into your body, connecting you firmly to the Earth.
  • If it helps, imagine yourself as a strong, healthy, vibrant tree, firmly planted into the soil.
  • Continue to breathe deeply ‘through the soles of your feet’, and imagine yourself firmly grounded and rooted to the Earth.
  • Repeat whenever you feel wobbly or unsettled throughout the day.

For another popular Mindfulness technique to help you feel more grounded, please go to the guided Mountain Meditation practice below.