As we approach slowly coming out of lockdown there will undoubtedly be a mixture of feelings to experience. Excitement and joy for many being able to see family and friends. Apprehension and even fear for many of us too. Fear of change, worry about infection rates and even apprehension about doing things we haven’t done in a long time. 

I personally am looking forward to seeing people I’m close to for the first time and am also excited to go clothes shopping and can’t wait to visit John Lewis!! However I’m also nervous about being near people and have some trepidation around not being able to cope with the amount of driving, meetings and socialising I used to do! And having to put make up on every day on top of that!!

With those fears in mind I have made a commitment to myself to maintain some of the elements of being in lockdown I found helpful. I will continue to do some work virtually (balancing Zoom exhaustion with driving fatigue!). I will continue my daily walks in nature. I did these pre lockdown but I will continue to try and do them with the same lens I’ve had in lockdown – of noticing the little things. Seeking out the pleasant in the sound of birds, colours of trees and flowers and sharing smiles with other walkers. Also making sure I still spend quality time fussing my pets and making time to continue my reading.

I hope to also bring this attitude of gratitude  into other parts of my life. Enjoying the taste of the first coffee I have in a coffee shop, appreciating food in a restaurant, feeling the connection of being close to people I love. Gratitude for these little things, connecting to our senses regularly are an antidote to fear and worry. Another antidote to stress is kindness so I plan to continue small acts of kindness to others. This can involve checking in on how people are feeling, being mindful of everyone having different fears and worries. 

Emma x