Hi Everyone,

Sometimes when we are very “busy” and distracted by thoughts, our minds can feel a bit like a wild untamed animal and it’s easy to feel frustrated if we try too hard to quieten it down.This can then fuel the activity and we can end up feeling even more frustrated.

So, when you notice this happening, see if you can just very gently observe the busyness in the mind, label this “ahh busy mind – lots of thoughts” with a gentle tone and one of acceptance, allowing the mind to run free, whilst we observe it rather than get all caught up in it. A little like sitting on the side of the road, watching the busy traffic passing by.

In time, you may find that the unruly untamed mind will actually calm down and settle all by itself.Notice the body and the breath gently and with kindness to guide your attention into the present moment.

You might like to practice mindfulness using one of our YouTube guided sessions:


Warmest wishes,