We run a range of courses for the workplace – in the public sector, private sector & for charitable organisations

There are so many potential benefits of introducing Mindfulness into the workplace:


Clear & creative thinking


Increased focus & engagement


Reduced absenteeism


Improved staff health & wellbeing


Increased self-awareness


Improved ability to manage conflict & challenges

Some of the benefits of introducing Mindfulness into the workplace may include enhanced clear & creative thinking, reduced absenteeism, increased ofcus & engagement, improved staff health & wellbeing, increased self-awareness and the ability to manage conflict and challenge more effectively.

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What we can offer for your workplace

Mindfulness Courses

Our courses are based on one of the most recognised and researched secular courses in the UK – the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course. The MBSR is recognised by the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE).

Our courses are taught by one of our qualified Present Mind Mindfulness teachers and usually over 8 sessions; although we also design bespoke courses to suit business needs.

A new theme is introduced each week; participants are guided through two Mindfulness sessions that will help them to learn a range of different Mindfulness techniques, to incorporate into their lives at any time.


Home practice is an important part of the course and we support this by providing a written Mindfulness booklet and access to our Present Mind Mindfulness App.

Many people use our courses as part of their general workplace CPD, contributing to their personal well-being. The course is usually taught over 8 sessions but this can be flexible to suit organisations.

Call Roz on 07779 724852 or email hello@presentmind.org.uk to talk about how we can bring Mindfulness to your workplace.

Mindfulness Taster Sessions

Typically taster sessions last between 1 and 2 hours and will introduce you to Mindfulness. Our taster sessions are informal and experiential, so that attendees can practise a range of different Mindfulness techniques. The content of these sessions can be tailored to suit the audience.

A typical Taster Session might include:

  • Background – what Mindfulness is, what it isn’t (dispelling some myths), why it is so important.
  • How Mindfulness is helpful for people’s work and personal lives.
  • The proven benefits of Mindfulness and research
  • The advantages of Mindfulness in the workplace (and examples of organisations who have implemented it).
  • The brain changes and neuroscience evidence.
  • How Mindfulness can be practised – informally and formally, at home and at work.
  • A variety of guided practices (to suit the audience) – these may include Mindfulness of breath and body, mindful eating, mindful movement, Mindfulness of thoughts, compassion for self and others, a short breathing space activity.
  • How people can practise Mindfulness themselves and what next (i.e. where to get more information).

Call Roz on 07779 724852 or email hello@presentmind.org.uk to talk about how we can bring Mindfulness to your workplace.

As well as our regular 8-session courses & taster sessions, we also offer bespoke Mindfulness courses for particular teams & business areas.

What do people say about our courses?

I’m starting to ‘let go’ of things that stress me out, which is having a good impact on me and also people who I’m close with.

I have looked forward to sessions and will aim to continue to practise. Really enjoyable and practical and I am already feeling the benefits. Thank you!

I believe there is a place for Mindfulness in every workplace and the benefit of its application a real, lifelong skill to help better yourself as a person.

I have not had a single panic attack or breathing difficulties at work since practising Mindfulness.