Workplace Mindfulness techniques which enhance workplace well-being

Boost your business with creative, resilient employees.
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£33 – £42 billion is the cost of mental ill health to employers in the UK

People who practise Mindfulness are better able to manage work conflicts effectively and with compassion, thus improving well-being in the workplace.

With a calmer mind they adapt to changes in the workplace more readily and show a greater engagement with their work.

employees discussing workplace well-being
a presentation on well-being in the workplace
1 in 5 report that work-related stress is making them ill

People who attend our sessions report that they worry less and have a calmer, more present mind.

Their sleep improves, giving them an overall sense of well-being and an understanding of the importance of self-care.

Over half of all UK sick days are caused by work-related stress, anxiety or depression

After attending Present Mind courses, attendees report that their workplace well-being is improved; their focus, creativity and emotional resilience is enhanced.

Regular Mindfulness practice is scientifically proven to significantly reduce work-related stress & improve workplace well-being.


employees on a workplace wellbeing course